Moodswing 002 ft IDONTKNOWWHAT

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I don't know what, I don't know why.
I have an upcoming photoshoot. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Moodswing 001 ft HUMANANIMALS

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Yes, I have an obsession when it comes to animal masks and the combination of animal/human in general. I need to get some more masks. As for now I own three. Can't wait to purchase some more of these fun things and take some pictures.


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True. Oh, so very true. Expect some moodboards. I'm in a mood for moods. Enjoy.

Oh and also; what's up with those 90 cmnts on my last post!? It's all .. chinese, I suppose. So spam also exists in the wonderful world of blogs. Hm. Interesting. No,.. wait.. ; Annoying!


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Just keep your mouth shut when really you don't have anything to say. Hate empty promises and stuff. Why can't people ever think before talking.. ?


[ Leesa Leva ]
I love this picture of the Olsens by Leesa Leva. Simply stunning, isn't it!?